is open for new ideas!

My Company creates innovative solutions for big, social or sustainable challenges. We help with new ideas, advice and communication. So we have great plans for this domain, but ...

At this time we didn't started yet so if you have a creative idea we can help you, work together, or just sell you the domain so you can go forward with your idea. So, let's get in touch to explore how we can go forward.

Our ideas for

  • create an online platform
  • online training website
  • sustainable development toolkit
  • online store
  • great blog
  • livestream channel

To buy the domain for EUR 1500,- or make an offer for this domain name.


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About Ivo Boerdam

Hi. I am Ivo Boerdam a creative social entrepreneur from the Netherlands, working on Global Goals (UN) through communication, projects, companies and governments.

Some of my clients

Since 2001 I worked for a lot of different clients, from small medium enterprises to the European Commission.

Special interest

Social enterprise, Sustainable Development Goals, New Democracy, Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Climate action, Waste and Resilient cities.

I always like coffee.

Let’s meet soon and send a Whats App.